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Byte to short conversion - WikiJava
Monday, 8th February 2016
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Byte to short conversion

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Sometimes it's necessary to convert from bytes to shorts. Have you ever tried to store a video coordinate? The shorts are the solutions.


the code

 * @param left
 *            The most valued byte.
 * @param right
 *            The less valued byte.
 * @return A short mixing the two parts.
private static short byte2short(final byte left, final byte right) {
	return (short) ((left & 0xff) << 8 | right & 0xff);

As you can see we move the left one to the left, and "add" using the OR (|) operator with the right one. The bitmask 0xff is necessary to "hide" the other part of the number.

Any comment is appreciated.

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